The firm is the brainchild of Alexander Leung who is, in his own right, a seasoned legal practitioner with a proven track record of success. Mr Leung is no stranger to hotly contested and high-stake cases. Bringing to the table his creative yet sensible thinking, Mr Leung is known for his astutely practical solutions to even the most complex disputes. The perspicuity of his arguments, teamed with a shrewd mind for figures whilst being armed with an acute understanding of market dynamics, makes him a potent ally and a formidable foe.

Despite having the talents to run with the legal big guns, Mr Leung abhors the bureaucratic limitations of big law firms , characterized by the preferential treatment they rigorously reserved for their established clientele with the king’s ransom of a bill to match. Yet with all those “big names” being kept up their sleeves, clearing “conflict checks” becomes an imperative prerequisite before taking on a new client, resulting in wasted time and missed opportunities for those latecomers to the legal arena. Drawing upon the lessons learned from their playbook, Alexander Leung founded H.Y. Leung & Co., which offers to its clients a unique blend of large firm quality and the nimble flexibility of boutique practices.

At H.Y. Leung, we pride ourselves in providing an unrivalled quality of personalized care and attention to every client at the best value for money. Zealously embracing our practice philosophy that “our clients’ needs always comes first”, our success is singularly defined by our client’s satisfaction which we have always managed to exceed. We strive relentlessly to work with our client as a team towards minimizing their cost exposure and achieving the best possible outcome. We have managed to inspire confidence in our clients by our finely honed legal skills, unwavering dedication to each case and, most of all, our uncompromising will to win. Our attention to detail and innovative thinking have earned much acclaim and referrals from our clients and peers alike.

Our firm represents clients on a wide array of matters and offers them advice on a broad spectrum of legal matters. We are ambitious, relentless and we never settle for less – which is what one needs most in a lawyer.

If you need help protecting or advancing your interests, we would welcome a chance to discuss your goals and aspirations. We hereby invite you to schedule a free consultation with us so that we can discuss your concerns and tailor an approach that would best suit your needs.